Your electrical switchboard is what provides electricity to the lights, power points and appliances throughout your home. The switchboard can be used to shut off electricity or restore the flow of electricity. It can be easy to forget about electrical panels because they are usually located outside of the home or in obscure places. However, you don’t want to neglect your panel!

Old electrical switchboards can be dangerous as they can result in fires, overheating and electrical shock. They can also cause problems such as blowing a fuse, melting wires, causing the lights to flicker and even damaging certain electronics.

How do you know when it’s time to upgrade your electrical panel?

  • You hear crackling or other strange sounds coming from the switchboard
  • There is rust on the breaker or switchboard
  • Your breaker constantly trips or blows a fuse
  • Your light bulbs burn out quickly and often
  • Your appliances do not run at full power
  • There is no Safety Switch (Residual Current Device) fitted to the switchboard  

Replacing worn out fuses with new circuit breakers and safety switches will add a greater level of safety to your home. As more & more appliances are plugged into your home wiring, then a greater load is placed on the switchboard’s wiring and circuit protection devices.

Remember that your switchboard should be inspected by a certified Electrical Contractor at least every two to five years.

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