There’s A Lot More to Ceiling Fans Than Just Cooling Ever wondered during a hot summer to install a ceiling fan?  Did you know that ceiling fans can also be of help in the winter as [...]

Upgrade Your Electrical Switchboard?

Your electrical switchboard is what provides electricity to the lights, power points and appliances throughout your home. The switchboard can be used to shut off electricity or restore the flow of electricity. It can be [...]

Clipsal Iconic

Clipsal Iconic™ features changeable skins, innovative features,  and enhanced connectivity. In this all-new platform, we’ve thought of everything including new sockets, switches, dimmers and timers, USB chargers, new safety features, Bluetooth Low [...]

New Clipsal Iconic Switches

  Matt Pearson Electrical is proud to announce the addition of the new Clipsal Iconic range of power points and switches. We have ver the years continued to update our range to be current and [...]

10 Fun Facts about Electricity

Electricity is a staple of modern life. Beyond lighting rooms and powering devices, electricity is pretty interesting! Here are some fun and interesting facts about electricity. 1. Electricity travels at the speed of light -- [...]

Lighting Your Home for Safety

A well-lit home is a safe home! It’s summertime and many Australian residents are getting ready for vacations. Keeping the outside of your house illuminated while you are away can deter any unwanted visitors from [...]

DIY Electrical Work

“That looks easy to fix”,  you might say, when you see a problem with your electrical wiring. Many people enjoy doing their own work on their homes.  If they have the skills and tools, the [...]

Circuit Breaker Safety

Breakers are safety devices designed to protect your homes wiring and the electrical devices (appliances, electronics, etc…) that are plugged into the circuits. Circuit breakers that are not properly maintained will not be able to [...]


Dimmer switches work by reducing the amount of current that flows into your light bulbs and they are considered energy savings. While the total energy saved depends on how much you dim the lights, how [...]

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