A well-lit home is a safe home!

It’s summertime and many Australian residents are getting ready for vacations. Keeping the outside of your house illuminated while you are away can deter any unwanted visitors from breaking in. Low-voltage light systems can be easily connected to motion detectors and sunset switches. So whether you are gone on vacation or simply concerned about home safety, here are some ways to use lighting to keep your home safe:

  • Illuminate areas around doors and windows.

  • Take time to check for dark areas or “blind spots” around your home. Have lights installed in these areas.

  • Install lights high up on exterior walls where they can’t be easily disabled.

  • Install motion detecting lights around your home. Most models can be programmed for range and sensitivity, so you can avoid having the lights go on each time a cat walks by the garage.

  • All night lighting is another option to cover your home in constant light, however, this can add a significant increase to your utility bill.

Remember that accent lighting is different than security lighting! Accent lighting around your home provides great design but does not necessarily protect your home. Effective outdoor security lighting will give you peace of mind and keep danger at bay.